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At Original Campus, our courses are designed to elevate your overall project management skills. You learn proven methods to plan and deliver projects with great results.
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So if you are a professional keen on taking up a higher role in Business Development, or if you’re already a Project Manager looking to upskill; Original Campus has three comprehensive courses to choose from.

They are sure to accelerate your career, and equip you to lead a project successfully in any industry, at any organization.

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This school is on top of its game.
I love Original Campus because they have excellent student services, they are innovative with their approach, they have accommodating staff and CEO, they help their students develop their business ideas and turn them into action and finally, the mentors are influential people in the business industry who are also good at imparting their knowledge and experiences.

Wilvera Malaque

Amazing courses, affordable prices.
The best school in Melbourne for international students! If you are looking for a serious school, innovative and that really cares about the students, Original Campus is your place! The teachers are highly qualified with amazing academic and professional backgrounds, affordable prices and unique content. Highly recommend Original Campus.

Monique Campos

The most updated and advanced programs.
The only school in Melbourne that offers the most updated and advanced programs

Gene Garcia

Be led by mentors with great experience.
One of the best class environments I ever had in Melbourne schools, you definitely have to pick between a normal teacher who reads slides without something special or a mentor to follow with great experience. Friendly staff and concerned about you.

Camilo Hernandez

I would recommend it 100%

Amazing school, I would recommend it 100%.


The coaches are knowledgeable and charismatic
Original Campus is a cosmopolitan school, with open-minded people, with a start-up/open space environment, in one of the coolest towns on the planet. The coaches are knowledgeable and charismatic, always ready to share their own experience and insight with us.


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Industry Overview

Project Management is one of the most rapidly growing industries in Australia. It’s exciting, diverse and truly dynamic. Digital tech, such as artificial intelligence, automation and big data, are fundamentally changing the way businesses operate across the world.

This tech is driving innovative practices throughout the job market. From Construction to Insurance and from Engineering to Information Technology, skilled Project Managers are needed to assist with the adoption of these practices.

They are critical resources in both big and small organisations to initiate, plan, manage and execute projects, by solving complex business problems and situations.

What’s the expected growth?

By 2027, Project Management workforce will grow by 33% and will have new job openings of 22 million. (In 11 countries included in the research)

The key sectors which will see a tremendous rise are: Construction and Engineering, Financial Services, Healthcare, Information Technology, Utility and Energy industries. The need for Project Managers will only continue to increase in years to come as our world continues to become more complex, global, and innovative.

The skills you learn as a Project Manager are applicable across industries and open up endless opportunities for you. The three most important things in managing a project are time, quality and cost.

A Project Manager’s role is to manage the resources, meet the design requirement and ensure a timely delivery of everything. There is a list of responsibilities that need to be performed by a Project Manager to achieve the goals effectively: Managing tasks, Managing expectations, Defining the scope, Estimating the time and budget for the project, Leading a team, Ensuring everybody sticks to the schedule, Coordinating tasks, Facilitating communication, Analysing risks and Reporting progress to stakeholders involved.

It might look overwhelming at first, and that’s where our education can help you with the right tools to achieve these objectives.

At Original Campus, the Project Management courses equip you with a process-driven approach and proven methods that ensure success in this industry.

What’s the market trend?

Today, there is an intense competition in the job market and project management skillset has become extremely valuable.

Across organisations, Agile processes are increasingly being used to make the projects more cost effective and enhance the productivity. This is where Project Managers come in with their advanced skillset.

They use a blended approach by bringing collaboration, innovation and governance to streamline the process and ensure production efficiency.

That is the reason, demand for qualified individuals who are adept in the methods of Agile is on the rise. Employers are actively seeking competent and certified professionals to fill in key roles.

How to plan your success in this industry?

Overall, the future in this sector looks quite promising, especially for those armed with a qualification. According to Indeed, the base salary of Project Managers in Australia is over AUD 121,000 per year. So once certified, the opportunities at your disposal are practically endless.

At Original Campus, we have a range of qualifications that can equip you for a successful career in this industry.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive course in managing projects across industries, you can go for the Nationally Recognized Diploma in Project Management.