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At Original Campus, our courses help elevate your overall leadership and management skills.
You learn proven methods to lead your team successfully and cultivate a culture of innovation.
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Our Nationally Accredited Diplomas

Are designed to steer you towards your career goals.

So if you are currently in middle management looking to take up a higher role, or are a seasoned leader who wants to upskill for the big promotion, take a look at our Leadership and Management courses.

They are recognized all across Australia, so you have an opportunity to work in any industry, at any organization.

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This school is on top of its game.
I love Original Campus because they have excellent student services, they are innovative with their approach, they have accommodating staff and CEO, they help their students develop their business ideas and turn them into action and finally, the mentors are influential people in the business industry who are also good at imparting their knowledge and experiences.

Wilvera Malaque

Amazing courses, affordable prices.
The best school in Melbourne for international students! If you are looking for a serious school, innovative and that really cares about the students, Original Campus is your place! The teachers are highly qualified with amazing academic and professional backgrounds, affordable prices and unique content. Highly recommend Original Campus.

Monique Campos

The most updated and advanced programs.
The only school in Melbourne that offers the most updated and advanced programs

Gene Garcia

Be led by mentors with great experience.
One of the best class environments I ever had in Melbourne schools, you definitely have to pick between a normal teacher who reads slides without something special or a mentor to follow with great experience. Friendly staff and concerned about you.

Camilo Hernandez

I would recommend it 100%

Amazing school, I would recommend it 100%.


The coaches are knowledgeable and charismatic
Original Campus is a cosmopolitan school, with open-minded people, with a start-up/open space environment, in one of the coolest towns on the planet. The coaches are knowledgeable and charismatic, always ready to share their own experience and insight with us.


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Industry Overview

Every organisation needs a leader to plan, direct and oversee the operations of a business unit, division, department, or an operating unit within an organization.

The importance of a leader or a manager can be understood from the fact that he is the one responsible for finally achieving the company’s goals.

So a business might be big or small, a manager is an integral position that needs to be filled in by the right candidate.

What’s the expected growth?

Growth projection of Leadership and Management Industry is 7.8% by 2024. With average earnings of $2298 per week.

In today’s world, working as a leader or a manager is in high demand across organisations. Every enterprise is looking for a great manager who can put the company’s plans into action by building a productive and effective workforce. A person, who can lead by example and help achieve KPIs, add to the company’s profits as well as reputation.

Employers are keen to hire individuals who have strong communication skills, can effectively lead, motivate and assist the team.

That is where Original Campus comes in, to help build your skillset, and make you an ideal candidate for this industry. Our expert trainers equip you with skills in Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Workplace Policies, and Development of business plans.

So with our Nationally Accredited Qualifications, you are ready to take on the Leadership or Managerial positions, wherever you want.

What’s the market trend?

A survey conducted by CPA Australia reveals that the key contributors of fast growing businesses include, good staff and improved business management. Which basically means that businesses, that prioritise human resources and effective management have a promising future. So, as a prospective leader and manager you can actually write the success story of your organisation.

How to lead your career in this Industry?

There are positions like Business Development Managers, Sales Team Managers and Regional Managers waiting to be filled.

The Diploma of Leadership and Management makes you ready for these roles with the relevant education.

If you’re keen on climbing the corporate ladder even further, the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management gives you in-depth knowledge to reach where you want to be.