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At Original Campus, our Entrepreneurship and Business courses help you identify unique opportunities, harness innovation and transform your idea into a viable venture.
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Are designed to help you study while managing career and life commitments.

So if you aspire to be an entrepreneur, are looking to upskill for the next big promotion or drive growth into your own venture, take a look at our Entrepreneurship and Business Development courses.

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To support great ideas, we give our Business students an exclusive chance to win a pool of $20,000 every year.

So join us and you can use the funds to make your start-up dream come true.

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This school is on top of its game.
I love Original Campus because they have excellent student services, they are innovative with their approach, they have accommodating staff and CEO, they help their students develop their business ideas and turn them into action and finally, the mentors are influential people in the business industry who are also good at imparting their knowledge and experiences.

Wilvera Malaque

Amazing courses, affordable prices.
The best school in Melbourne for international students! If you are looking for a serious school, innovative and that really cares about the students, Original Campus is your place! The teachers are highly qualified with amazing academic and professional backgrounds, affordable prices and unique content. Highly recommend Original Campus.

Monique Campos

The most updated and advanced programs.
The only school in Melbourne that offers the most updated and advanced programs

Gene Garcia

Be led by mentors with great experience.
One of the best class environments I ever had in Melbourne schools, you definitely have to pick between a normal teacher who reads slides without something special or a mentor to follow with great experience. Friendly staff and concerned about you.

Camilo Hernandez

I would recommend it 100%

Amazing school, I would recommend it 100%.


The coaches are knowledgeable and charismatic
Original Campus is a cosmopolitan school, with open-minded people, with a start-up/open space environment, in one of the coolest towns on the planet. The coaches are knowledgeable and charismatic, always ready to share their own experience and insight with us.


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Industry Overview

Entrepreneurship is a powerful driving force of innovation, productivity, job creation and economic growth.

Today, small and medium businesses are considered among the most valuable resources in Australia, earning it a reputation of being the hub for entrepreneurs and innovators.

In fact, 97% of Australian Businesses qualify as a small business. So if you are in this country, chances are you will one day either work with a small business or own one. So it’s better to stay prepared for this exciting journey down under.

How big is the small business?


Over 4.5 million Jobs
Over 2.3 million Businesses
Over 418 billion contributed to GDP

What’s the expected growth?

In Australia, there is tremendous support from the government and subsequent growth potential in Entrepreneurship.

Every year more and more businesses are registering with new products and new ideas. In 2019-20, there was an increase of 46,651 businesses. The key to their success lies in the knowledge of the current market trends, strategic promotion of their goods and services; and most important of all, their confidence to kill it!

That’s where Original Campus comes in. The practical skills given by our Industry Leading Trainers are designed to instil knowledge as well as confidence in the aspiring entrepreneurs and business managers.

These Nationally Accredited Qualifications help shape their future and show them how to make the best of every opportunity.

What’s the market trend?

As far as Business Management is concerned, the industry is witnessing an upsurge of Independent Contractors.

Data says that nearly 10% of all Australian workers are Independent Contractors (ICs). In the future, to excel as an Independent Contractor, you must know how to manage your finances as well as how to market yourself.

These are the skills that we make sure you learn at Original Campus and are ready for the job market.

How to excel in this rapidly growing sector?

This industry is full of opportunities. It is now up to you to make the best of it! So if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone who has just started a business, Certificate III in Business and Entrepreneurship would be perfect for you.

If you are confident about your business idea and need the skills and confidence to launch and sustain it, then go for Certificate IV in Business and Entrepreneurship.

If you’re already managing a business, or growing your own start-up further, then Diploma of Business would give you just the skills you need to be successful.

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